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College Career Guidance and Counseling Committee

Career Guidance and Counselling Cell aim to guide and direct students to set their career goals and stimulate them to exercise their consistent endeavors to accomplish their career objectives. Keeping in view the competence, interests, and acquired knowledge of the students, it channels the young trainees to fetch lucrative specialized careers. Various sessions are conducted to evaluate the students based on their professional as well as interpersonal skills. The committee helps them to explore new knowledge and inculcate recent company attitudes among them as per the requirements of the globally competitive world.


Name Designation
Dr. Anwesh Pradhan (PT) Convenor
Prof. Shabnam Agarwal Chairperson
Mr. Anupam Das Members
Dr. Tapas Kr Pal (PT) Members
Dr. Partha Pratim Dutta (PT) Students
Dr. Rishi Raj (PT) Students


  • 1. To provide career counseling and career development sessions for graduates and alumni
  • 2. To develop career services programs that will help student in exploring and planning career options
  • 3. To work with students on their needs for career development
  • 4. To conduct pieces of training, workshops, lectures, presentations, and other events to develop career planning and employability skills for students
  • 5. To develop a positive working relationship with faculty, administrative and co-workers to achieve desired goals
  • 6. To coordinate with academic advisors to help students in making career choices based on their academic majors
  • 7. To analyze current employment trends in various industries
  • 8. To maintain regular contacts with potential employers for new job opportunities
  • 9. To educate students on resume building, interview skills, and professionalism
  • 10. To conduct mock interviews and job search workshops for students
  • 11. To conduct career awareness events and job fairs for students
  • 12. To execute outreach programs to promote career services among students
  • 13. To maintain a database of student academic and employment records
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News & Events

  • August 2023

    15 August, 2023
    Independence Day Celebration

    07 August, 2023
    Declaration of final BPT 2018 batch results

  • July 2023

    24 - 28 July, 2023
    FDP (policy pocedural insight: NAAC & NAP) - BCIP

    17 July, 2023
    1st, 2nd, 3rd BPT final internal

    17 July, 2023
    MPT 2020 batch final examination conducted by WBHS

    17 July, 2023
    MPT 2021 batch internal examination

    07 July, 2023
    Declaration of final BPT 2018 batch results

    01 July, 2023
    BPT 2018 batch final examination conducted by WBUHS

  • June 2023

    30 June, 2023
    University examination (2018 batch)

    26 June, 2023
    FDP on Advanced Excel

    24 June, 2023
    1st Journal Club presentation

    22 June, 2023
    Commencement of 2019 batch

    14 June, 2023
    Seminar on Artificial Intelligence

    12 June, 2023
    Eye Check-up Camp

    06 June, 2023
    Celebration of World Environment Day

    02 June, 2023
    Practical examination (2019 batch) (WBUHS)

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