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College Examination Committee

The Examination Committee is an apex body of the College which is headed by the Coordinator and shall be facilitated by three sections: Examination, Record Maintenance, and Administration. The main function of this Committee is to carry out examinations, publish results. Keeping the record of each issue related to the examination and organizing workshops and seminars for the improvement of the examination system are also the responsibilities of this Committee. The Examination Committee plans and organizes all internal as well external examinations in the college. The Examine Committee of the College is formed with the following members under the chairmanship of Director Education.


Name Designation
Dr. Anwesh Pradhan (PT) Convenor
Prof. Shabnam Agarwal Chairperson
Prof. Gargi Ray Chaudhuri Members
Dr. Tanusree Basak (PT) Members


  • 1. The Examination Committee will frame regulations regarding the eligibility of students (based on Parameters: attendance and performance) for appearing in both internal and external examinations
  • 2. The Examination Committee will prepare relevant timetables of the Internal Examination Schedule provided by the University time frame
  • 3. Preparation of smooth conduction of Examinations, Question paper setting, Invigilation duty chart, Seating allotment, Attendance record, Evaluation of Answer Scripts, Preparing Mark sheets and Publication of Results, etc
  • 4. The Examination Committee is responsible for preparation, administration, and conduction of pre and post-exam meeting
  • 5. To ensure alignment of Proposed Examinations (Internal & External) with the Competencies required by discipline and Participate on Formal Review panels for Examinations as and when required
  • 6. The major responsibility of the Examination Committee is to appoint both internal & external examiner and paper setter and report all matters to the higher authority
  • 7. Make sure that all Written Exams are held following the regulations of the Affiliating University and to take measures against fraud and malpractices
  • 8. To check & validate marks uploading (Internal Assessment Marks, Practical Marks, Sessional Marks) & ensure that the Entire Exam related documents reach the University in time
  • 9. Distribution of Marks lists & certificates to the Students after receiving the same from the University and Granting additional examination opportunities especially for sick aspects
  • 10. The examination calendar should be checked and send to the Board of Studies (BOS) for suggestions and prepare yearly convocation schedule
  • 11. Student performance evaluation- for students who fare badly in examinations
  • 12. Centre in Charge will conduct meetings before examinations and record all minutes
  • 13. BOS members
  • 14. External examiner/internal examiner
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News & Events

  • August 2023

    15 August, 2023
    Independence Day Celebration

    07 August, 2023
    Declaration of final BPT 2018 batch results

  • July 2023

    24 - 28 July, 2023
    FDP (policy pocedural insight: NAAC & NAP) - BCIP

    17 July, 2023
    1st, 2nd, 3rd BPT final internal

    17 July, 2023
    MPT 2020 batch final examination conducted by WBHS

    17 July, 2023
    MPT 2021 batch internal examination

    07 July, 2023
    Declaration of final BPT 2018 batch results

    01 July, 2023
    BPT 2018 batch final examination conducted by WBUHS

  • June 2023

    30 June, 2023
    University examination (2018 batch)

    26 June, 2023
    FDP on Advanced Excel

    24 June, 2023
    1st Journal Club presentation

    22 June, 2023
    Commencement of 2019 batch

    14 June, 2023
    Seminar on Artificial Intelligence

    12 June, 2023
    Eye Check-up Camp

    06 June, 2023
    Celebration of World Environment Day

    02 June, 2023
    Practical examination (2019 batch) (WBUHS)

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