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College Sports and Extra - Curricular Committee

The college provides a vibrant platform to develop the varied interests and aptitudes of our large student community and thus shape them into successful, well-rounded adults and good citizens of tomorrow. A wide variety of forums and committees promotes sports, cultural, social service, and other extra-curricular and co-curricular activities which not only nurture talent but also develop team building, leadership, and organizational skills. The College actively supports sports, cultural, literary, and other recreational activities. Students are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities and competitions. The Committee for Sports and Co-curricular activities of the college is formed with the following members under the chairmanship of Director-Education.


Name Designation
Dr. Tapas Kumar Pal (PT) Convenor
Prof. Shabnam Agarwal Chairperson
Mr. Anupam Das Members
Prof. Gargi Ray Chaudhuri Members
Dr. Tanusree Basak (PT) Members
Dr. Anwesh Pradhan (PT) Members

Student Representative:

Name Designation
Ms. Bidisha Paul Students
Ms. Tuhina Shee Students
Ms. Richa Agrawal Students
Ms. Debjani Biswas Students
Ms. Bristi Chakraborty Students


  • 1. To work on students skills and physical activities and shape them into a well-developed individual with good leadership quality and organizational aptitude
  • 2. Arrangement of Sports events (both intra and inter) for bringing an overall development of the students to achieve the goals planned to organize various competition in sports with better coaching facilities
  • 3. To arrange for venue and other logistics for the program
  • 4. To prepare a budget to continue the programs at ease
  • 5. To notify all events and programs on notice board and website
  • 6. Plan and schedule the itinerary of all activities maintaining the college event calendar in one academic year
  • 7. Planning for both intra and intercollegiate sports and cultural fests
  • 8. To invite guests and other dignitaries and notify through the college website.
  • 9. Making the panel of judges evaluates student's performances
  • 10. To supervise the compilation of scores and declaration of results ( Gold and Silver medals) as per individual house and announcement of winners of the Rollers trophy
  • 11. Distribution of medals cups and certificates to the winners
  • 12. Arrangement of free health camps based on assessment and distribution of disability aids
  • 13. To take initiative for a tie-up with NGOs for community-based services with the active involvement of students
  • 14. Additionally to supervise the celebration of National events like Independence Day, Republic day, etc
  • 15. Prepare reports and declaration of all results and other information on the college website
  • 16. To conduct meetings four times a year and to ensure that each event is held once a year.
  • 17. To form clubs- Cricket club, Travel club and CSR club (CARE)
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News & Events

  • August 2023

    15 August, 2023
    Independence Day Celebration

    07 August, 2023
    Declaration of final BPT 2018 batch results

  • July 2023

    24 - 28 July, 2023
    FDP (policy pocedural insight: NAAC & NAP) - BCIP

    17 July, 2023
    1st, 2nd, 3rd BPT final internal

    17 July, 2023
    MPT 2020 batch final examination conducted by WBHS

    17 July, 2023
    MPT 2021 batch internal examination

    07 July, 2023
    Declaration of final BPT 2018 batch results

    01 July, 2023
    BPT 2018 batch final examination conducted by WBUHS

  • June 2023

    30 June, 2023
    University examination (2018 batch)

    26 June, 2023
    FDP on Advanced Excel

    24 June, 2023
    1st Journal Club presentation

    22 June, 2023
    Commencement of 2019 batch

    14 June, 2023
    Seminar on Artificial Intelligence

    12 June, 2023
    Eye Check-up Camp

    06 June, 2023
    Celebration of World Environment Day

    02 June, 2023
    Practical examination (2019 batch) (WBUHS)

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